Currently on our 32 Taps:



1 Gumption Woodchuck VT
2* Sweet Aged Apple Locust WA
3 Raspberry Woodchuck WA
4 Peach Cider Boys WI
5* Dark & Dry Spire Mountain WA
6* Cranberry Tieton WA
7 Grand Mimosa Cider Boys WI
8* Passionfruit Portland OR
9* Green Apple D’s Wicked WA
10* Mad Perry (Vanilla Pear) Carlton OR
11* Viva La Pineapple! Reverend Nat’s OR
12* Acai Elemental OR
13* Dragonfruit Atlas OR
14* Chaider (Spiced Chai Cider) Schilling WA
15* Dank Hop Swift OR
16* The Brute Alter Ego OR
17* Basil Mint Seattle WA
18* Earl Green Tea Jester & Judge WA
19 The Anvil (Bourbon) Sonoma CA
20* Pear Rambling Route WA
21* Slake Carlton OR
22* Original Dry Locust WA
23* Sacrilege Sour Cherry Reverend Nat’s OR
24* Bad Granny Apple Bad Granny WA
25* Cold Brewed (Coffee Cider) No. 6 WA
26* Habanero Finnriver WA
27* Mirabelle Plum Wildcraft OR
28* Bad Apple 2 Towns OR
29* Return of the Mack 2 Towns OR
30* Pinot Barrel Rosé Wandering Aengus OR
31* Barréleo (Oak-aged, Unfiltered) Bull Run OR
32* Two Thorns (Raspberry & Rose) 2 Towns WA
* Denotes the cider as being “Local” (from the Pacific Northwest – OR or WA)