Draft Cider & Other Drinks

Updated: 8/7/18
1Sweet Aged AppleLocust CiderWA
2PeachCider BoysWI
3Vanilla BeanLocust CiderWA
4Baked AppleD’s WickedWA
5TamarindoLa FamiliaOR
6Pacific Pineapple2 TownsOR
7Raspberry CranberryBandon RainOR
8PerryAce CiderCA
9Guava GrapefruitBauman’sOR
10Lemongrass GingerLocustWA
11Blackberry PearCrispinCA
12Georgia Peach TeaNew WestOR
14Boysenberry CarltonOR
15Pineapple Hop (Hopped)SwiftOR
16Peruvian GingerApple OutlawOR
17Logan Berry Bauman’sOR
18Honeycrisp (Champagne-Style)Bad GrannyWA
19Tea BreakAnthemOR
20Oregon Blackberry Apple OutlawOR
21Slake (Oak Barrel-Aged)CarltonOR
22Cot In The Act2 TownsOR
23Cherry It’s On FireNew WestOR
24Passioncot Two RiversCA
25Cold BrewedNo. 6 CiderWA
26Habanero (Spicy)FinnriverWA
27Bad Apple2 TownsOR
28The PassionReverend Nat’sOR
29La Mure2 TownsOR
30Pome & Stone (Sour)FinnriverWA
31Watermelon RoseDaidalaOR
32KiwiforniaMission TrailCA

Just in case cider simply isn’t your thing, we also offer:


Not Your Father’s Root Beer Coors Light Widmer Drop Top Amber Ale Deschutes Black Butte Porter Ninkasi Total Domination IPA

Wine & Champagne

House White (Chardonnay) House Red Wine (Cabernet) Champagne (Brut)

If you’re looking for a non-alcoholic beverage to enjoy, we also offer:


Sparkling Cider
Diet Pepsi
Coca Cola
Diet Coke
Hot Cider

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