Accolades & Acknowledgments

Cider Bite is an Award Winning Cider House, which has had the honor of being featured in numerous articles, ads, periodicals, blogs and social media posts; locally, statewide, nationwide, and internationally.  Unfortunately, in our efforts to ensure customers were our primary focus, some of these accolades and acknowledgments, which we consider treasure, were buried in the cyber sands of the internet. We are currently on the hunt for each piece of treasure, created in the past or present, and we’re adding them to this page as they’re recovered.

If you happen upon a piece of Cider Bite treasure, please share it with us (hello [at] ciderbite [dot] com), so that we can add it here. Thank you for visiting our site, and especially this page we consider a treasure chest!


Retailer of the Year (2016)

In 2016, Cider Bite was honored with the award of Emerging Retailer of the Year.

Opening Announcement

"Cider Bite will be the first good place to get a large selection of hard cider on tap in NW" (2015)

Top Hotspot & Local Fav

Yelp community ranked Cider Bite one of the top tourist hotspots and local favorites in West Portland.

Cider Culture Highlight

"Cider Bite brings a variety of cider and well-matched bar food to downtown Portland’s Pearl District."

Best Rated Cider House

Cider Bite is the highest rated cider house in Portland, continuously maintaining five stars on Yelp.

My Seat Blogger Review

"Fun atmosphere, superb selection of ciders, and helpful/nice staff. I really liked this place."

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