Our Story...

It started with a conversation, while each drinking a pint of the only cider on tap at a local Portland taphouse, Jeff Hanneson and Jeff Tandy saw something missing in Portland, and especially in their home neighborhood, the Pearl District. Together, they envisioned a place where patrons could enjoy a large number and wide variety of draft hard cider.

At first it seemed as though it was only a wish, but that quickly turned into a fun project for the couple as they came up with the name of the business, and they built a business plan and worked on many details of the concept. The idea really took shape when the perfect location was found – a building in Downtown Portland’s Pearl District, located in the heart of the breweries blocks. They remodeled the location to combine wood, modern, rustic, and clean decor, to provide a welcoming look and a comfortable feel. The intimate setting allows for the highest quality in customer service and the cultivation of relationships between the “Cider Crew,” as the staff is rightfully referred as, and Cider Bite’s patrons, and members of the community.

There is a common misconception about hard cider being a very sweet beverage, like an alcoholic apple juice. Cider Bite not only offers a large number and wide range of delicious cider options, but a true educational and enlightening experience. The ciders range from Sweet to Dry, and everything in-between, including hopped, spicy, seasonal, fruit, and berry. The majority of Cider Bite’s ciders are made by cideries in the Pacific Northwest, and all of its ciders are gluten-free.

We appreciate you for stopping-by our home on the web, and we hope that we’ll have the chance to meet you in person. Thank you!

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