Cider Bite

About Cider Bite

This is Cider Bite, the first of its kind Cider House in Oregon, that loves to offer a large selection and wide range of quality craft cider, while respecting  and educating  on its  production and history.


Cider Bite was created for a simple reason, there are not enough places to get a decent selection of good  hard cider. Jeff Hanneson  recognized  something was missing in Portland, and especially in the downtown area. Cider was an untapped market. His concept for Cider Bite originated in 2013, while drinking a pint of the only cider on tap at a local pub.  Jeff envisioned a place where patrons could enjoy a numerous variety of draft cider.

The idea really took shape when the perfect location was found – a building in Downtown Portland’s Pearl District, located in the heart of the breweries blocks. With all of the essential details coming together for this small business, Cider Bite became a brick and mortar reality on August 1, 2015.


There is a common misconception about hard cider being a very sweet beverage, like an alcoholic apple juice. Cider Bite not only offers a large number and wide range of delicious cider options, but a true educational and enlightening experience.

When it comes to hard cider, we are your local experts. Whether you’re a first time consumer and want some recommendations or a longtime cider drinker and want to enjoy our  large selection of draft and bottled options, Cider Bite is the cider house for you.


Jeff was raised on an apple and filbert orchard in the Eugene/Springfield area, that his family had owned since 1956. The enjoyment of Cidermaking for the family began back with his great-grandfather over a half-century ago. His father's favorite memories include cranking through apples in their old wooden cider press.

Although Jeff is a cidermaker, he designed Cider Bite with an unbiased approach. All of the cider available on draft and in bottles are from other cideries, and a majority are locally produced in the northwest.