Cider Bite

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Yes, guests under the age of 21 are welcome from open until 8pm each day we’re open; at any of our tables more than 10 feet from the bar, and at any of our outdoor tables.

We have 25 draft ciders & 7 draft beers on tap.

Absolutely. In fact, we have more dry or semi-dry draft ciders than we do semi-sweet/sweet.

Yes, we do. We have both a non-alcoholic cider and we have other non-alcoholic beverage options. You can view the full list of our non-alcoholic beverages by clicking here.

At home and for personal consumption, yes. But, we do not currently make and sell our own cider at Cider Bite. This may change in the future, but there are no immediate plans to do so.
Yes! The ciders that we offer on draft are gluten-free.
We generally do not take reservations. You can contact us in advance, if you would like to bring a large group (6+) in, and we will do our best to accommodate you, if possible.
Are there places that exist without wifi nowadays?!? Cause that would be crazy! Absolutely, we have wifi, and we offer guest access free to our customers.
Personally, we have dogs and we love dogs. During the warmer months when we have our outside seating, we absolutely allow dogs. We always allow service dogs. However, as an establishment that serves food, we do have restrictions on the allowance of dogs.
We do have a select few “core” ciders, as we like to refer to them, that we keep on tap at all times (subject to their availability). Otherwise, yes, we rotate the majority of our taps often. Many ciders are only available for a limited time (e.g., seasonals, special or limited releases, etc.); some are rotated simply to give others the chance to keep things fresh and fun; and some are rotated because a majority of our customers were not fans. We average around three to five new ciders each week, and we keep our online tap list current.
This is a frequently asked question?!? Yes, we do. In fact, we have two (gender neutral) restrooms (or water closets or washrooms, whichever term you prefer).
While we do offer a few gluten-free menu options, we are not a gluten-free kitchen. Cross-contamination may occur and we are unable to guarantee that any item can be completely free of allergens.
We do not close for private events on a Thursday, Friday, or Saturday that may impede with our normal business hours. However, please contact our management to discuss other potential private events or space rental options. You can send an email to hello at ciderbite dot com.
We do not allow outside food or drinks.